The Hat Process

Here we show you step 1 through step 6 of how we go about making our cutting edge, artistically designed caps, using our distinctive etched metal art process.


Step 1: We sketch the design on paper. This is the most creative part where thought and imagination manifest into something visible

Step 2: We bring the design to life by adding all the little details. Our artwork is very meticulous. It is on purpose and something we are proud of. We want to “wow” you and have you discover new elements every time you look at it closely. There are even mysterious numbers for you to decode

Step 3: Every dot, line, and curve is re-created on a digital platform. Ha! From a thought to paper to virtual!

Step 4: The digital artwork is then etched on metal using a distinctive manufacturing process that allows all the details to come through the metal and even have a 3D look, with different layers

Step 5: The metal pieces are then manually polished and bent if necessary

Step 6: The rivets are placed by hand in their respective spot and pressed manually one by one with the help of a machine. Right now there are around 9 rivets for each hat


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Nuvā Nuvō Communication Officer

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