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Fiction offers an escape conduit into a new reality. At the other end of the conduit, we meet interesting characters and new species and discover new worlds. It is thrilling and entertaining, and amidst all the commotion and struggles, we experience an adventure of a lifetime.

Besides their entertainment value, I believe fiction is deeper than simple adventure tales. We may be inspired to become better people and reach for something greater.

If we think about it, stories are not really an escape as much as total immersion into a new reality. We live the story as if it’s unfolding in real life.

MRI tests showed that the brain responds to reading fiction as if it is real, a phenomenon known as grounded cognition. I believe it is in this immersion that fiction helps us become better people, discover who we are, and become inspired to reach for something greater.


Hayden Christensen in Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith

 When we live in a fantasy world, we embody the characters and live their life, feeling their emotions, wants and needs, and struggles. This is what helps us empathize with the characters. For example, when Anakin Skywalker joins the dark side in Star Wars, we don’t hate him because we feel his fear and weakness. We understand what he is going through.

Psychologists have proven that fiction’s simulated social world enhances our empathy with actual human beings. It improves our ability to read people’s mental and emotional states and analyze their motives, thereby connecting with them on deeper level. By increasing our social perception and emotional intelligence, we become more genuine and compassionate toward others, and thus better people.

Star Trek: The Victorious Battle of the USS Enterprise with the Borg-their resistance was “futile!”

Moreover, fiction inspires us. It usually depicts a just world where the bad behavior is condemned and punished and the good is endorsed and rewarded.

This promotes ethical human values, instigating in us morality and decency that transcends any religion or political creeds, inspiring us to be hero-like ourselves.

Fiction also helps us discover who we are. In a fantasy world, all social pressures are suppressed and we become free to be ourselves. We usually identify with a hero or a character and experience their journey as if it is our own. Through this journey, we learn that we are not alone or that different. We may feel their battles are our own real-life struggles. The character’s hope and courage becomes our own, and we learn how to navigate the complexities of social life and how to approach new obstacles as if the fictional world is a reality simulator. This whole journey can change our life as we get more clarity on how we really feel, what we really want or need, and who we want to be.


Leap of Faith in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade third trial: Only In The Leap From The Lion’s Head Will He Prove His Worth

Our immersion into a fantasy world is fun and can open our mind to new ideas and possibilities. But the true power of stories, of myth, lies in its ability to shape us into better people and inspire us to reach for something greater.

As such, Nuvā Nuvō immerses people in a fantasy world to empower them. Nuvā Nuvō and its fiction stories serve as a beacon for those looking to express themselves, discover what’s possible and reach for something greater.

Were you ever so inspired by a story or a movie that you were prompted to change or do something in your life for your own good? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! For more articles on style, fashion tips, and cultural insights, you can subscribe to Nuvā Nuvō newsletter or follow us on social media!


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