Joint Forces

Welcome to our first blog! In this post, we are sharing how Nuvā Nuvō came to be. It all started with a couple named Nada and Michael who joined forces to create the company. Their story began in January of 2007 with a lost baseball cap, floating away on ruthless waters…

Wearing life jackets and with headlights strapped around their foreheads, the couple was cave tubing on Sibun River in Belize. They enjoyed a shore excursion as part of a Caribbean cruise aboard the Enchantment of the Seas.

Each sat in a yellow inner tube and floated together down the river, gripping the side handles of each other’s tubes. Mike wore a baseball cap underneath his headlight, which became uncomfortable few minutes into the trip. He took it off and asked Nada to hold on to it. But the cap was nowhere to be found when they arrived to their destination.

The trip was enjoyable overall, but Mike returned home disappointed. It was hard for him to let go, and he would frequently mention the lost cap. Nada felt guilty and looked for a solution. One day she proposed that Mike design and create a cap of his liking.

Rivet foot press

The original manual rivet foot press used by Nuvā Nuvō for the metal assembly on the baseball hats

Mike became excited about the idea as he was always into fashion. In his 20s, he had actually customized jackets, jeans and shirts. As he began designing a new cap, the artwork and the use of custom metal took shape. The couple dreamt of starting their own business and working together, and the new ball cap presented the opportunity. Nuvā Nuvō was launched!

However, it was hard for Nada to match Mike’s excitement about the business because she wasn’t as much into the design aspect of it–that is until her imagination changed things around. Nada always loved stories. As a kid, she would fold her legs on the floor and be mesmerized in front of the TV while she was transported into the fantasy world of Steve Austin, the bionic Six Million Dollar Man, Man from Atlantis and Wonder Woman. Stories featuring characters, adventure, and heroism always inspired her. One day, as Nada studied one of the designs, she imagined the design symbolizing a character — and a story was born.


The Six Million Dollar Man


Wonder Woman


Man From Atlantis

This is how design and storytelling joined forces to shape what Nuvā Nuvō stands for today: fashion, art and imagination.

There is always strength in unity—not just to complete a task but to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Have you ever worked with someone and discovered the result was better than you could have accomplished on your own? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! For more articles on the company, style, fashion tips, and cultural insights, you can subscribe to Nuvā Nuvō newsletter or follow us on social media!


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